Kawaii Berry Offers hand made fashions for Ball Jointed and similar dolls. Currently creating for Dollpamm Arubi, Feeple60, Minifee, Pidgin Doll, Dollshe Fashion 41cm, and Unoa Sizes,

Each Item or set is hand made of new or vintage materials in an appropriate scale for each doll. We pride ourselves in fully finished work, items that will last the test of time and use while looking as in scale as possible,


Heather has been operating Kawaii Berry for 5 years but has been sewing doll and human sized clothing for over 20. Her love of BJD started in 2005 when she saw Volks dolls on the cover of Haute Doll magazine in the local bookstore. It took a couple of months before she broke down and bought that magazine, it wasn't long before she was hooked and researching what doll to save for. In 2008 Heather graduated with a Bachelors in Fashion Design, her final collection presentation solely focused on a line of Ball Jointed Doll clothing. After pursuing a career in Theatre something always pulled her back to her dream of creating a doll clothing business and, with the help of family and friends she started Kawaii Berry on Etsy.

Kawaii Berry is a one woman show, everything is designed, sourced, patterned, sewn, packaged, and sold by one human.


At this time Kawaii Berry is unable to create custom work.  If you are looking for something we already produce in another color please email us and we MAY be able to fit it into the production schedule if materials are able to be sourced. Please note that sourcing requested materials is time consuming and does cost us extra in expenses. Any color requests may incur extra costs.